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Redesign of a customer newspaper
Creating proximity to the public, highlighting services, and convincing the audience. These are the aims of the biannual Radius magazine.
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An impressive hospital brochure
A brochure for privately and semi-privately insured patients explains the first-class service they receive at Schaffhausen Hospitals.
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An architectural challenge
Hundertwasser postulated the window right. How do architects reconcile this with heritage protection?
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Die Gewinner des Osterwettbewerbes
Suchen, finden, knobeln: Darum ging es in unserem Osterspecial.
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Jagd auf Frühlingsmotive
Durchstöbern Sie unsere Website und gewinnen Sie einen speziell von uns kreierten Preis.
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100 years BIZ Schaffhausen
The Vocational Information Center Schaffhausen celebrates its 100th anniversary with a commemorative publication.
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Rebranding for Graf & Partner
Constantly drawing attention to the company is essential in the real estate business.
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A new concept for the annual report of the Schaffhausen hospitals
With a refreshed design concept, we are helping to build a bridge to future communication needs.
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Bringing mascots to life
3D characters can generate emotions and are great for teaching, training, and as sympathy carriers.
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Cityscape vs. individuality?
Where are the boundaries between architectural requirements and those of historic preservation?
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Our creative youngster: Jelena
**Second-hand shops and goulash are among the passions of our graphic designer.**
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Communication for a generational project
For several years, we had the privilege of helping to shape stakeholder communications for the construction of the Galgenbuck Tunnel between Schaffhausen and Neuhausen.
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Three buildings ‑ one brand
Consistent signaling and visitor guidance at Rheinweg 1
To the visitor's guidance
Antonia introduces herself
A water creature with a weakness for sea blue answers phone calls at AWE.
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Marketing for a project of the future of housing
Uniquely, the Silberhof Schaffhausen combines historic industrial and modern new buildings. Our customer Graf & Partner trusted us the project in terms of marketing.
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The OfficeLoft ‑ more than just a workspace
Why do we rely on our co-working space as an office concept
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A lesson in inclusion
While interviewing for blog content, I learned and internalized the recipe for an open society.
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Communication of a business handover
Communicating a change of leadership in the spirit of continuity
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Design of a Chinese declaration of love
Book layout: I love Schaffhausen
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AR for medical technology
With the AR model we implemented, Hamilton enables their customers to place virtual devices in their labs and view them from all sides in real size.
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Exhibition with profundity
In the Kerenzerberg Tunnel Renovation Project, we provide insights.
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What exactly is the Metaverse?
Metas Metaverse has the potential to offer a new form of collaboration and togetherness via the Internet.
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Marketing opportunity: AR in the smartphone web browser
Almost all smartphones can display augmented reality in their browser. This opens up exciting possibilities.
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7 Questions for... Salvatore
Thanks to his infectious composure, the 3D artist is not easily ruffled.
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Science fiction look for injection moulds
With 3D visuals and animations, we bring a futuristic look to our client's high-tech world.
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When fish are friends
Between fishes Anja can be found when she is submerged. Literally.
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The ultimate guide: How to export STEP files correctly from your CAD software
3D visualisations are essential in a wide range of industries. One key to this is the correct export of STEP files from CAD applications.
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Make your website 3D quickly
Different paths lead to the 3D Rom: some are pretty direct.
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Archroma Sustainability Report
What does sustainability look like? Sustainability that is chemical and colorful? Together with our customer Archroma, we have solved this task.
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3D: High tech in motion
High-end visualization and green screen compositing for a new sensor unit from Belimo.
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What does 3D visualization cost?
It can get expensive when 3D is used. Where is it worthwhile, where do expenses arise, and where do 3D visualizations create advantages? We will explain it to you.
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Digital Marketing: Your Opportunities
Digital marketing means measurable marketing. A win-win in every respect.
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Successful real estate marketing
Appropriate measures support the value of the property - with heart and mind.
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How are 3D visualizations and animations created?
The creation of 3D worlds requires a whole lot of individual steps up to the artificial image. We give a brief overview of the work behind the digital backdrop.
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Positioning as a basis
Critical factors and goals must be defined for marketing success.
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Agency anniversary «Back to our Future»: 1999-2019
20 years of AWE Schaffhausen. That is the story of the agency. With a lot of sustainable creativity.
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Web presence with an impact
The website is your first contact with your audience. We give you tips for success.
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Here is what health looks like
The re-branding of the competence center for health "eurofit" exemplifies how strategic communication planning moves target groups.
Brand fitness
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Unser A bis Z Lexikon der 3D-Fachbegriffe
Anisotropic bis Z-Pass: Hier gibts ausführliches Futter zum Fachsimpeln über 3D.
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