Communication in perfect harmony

You can think of people, brands, media and markets as parts of a single entity – a kind of concert that makes up successful modern communication. A concert needs musicians, instruments, sheet music, a venue and of course an audience.

A brand doesn’t become successful by accident: its success is a synthesis of design, identity and behaviour that influences how your company is perceived and how much your products and services are worth. That’s why we focus on creative concepts to develop high-quality brands with lots of character – from corporate design to advertising campaigns.

Getting both content and form right

Does your brand identity offer arguments, added value and stories that appeal to your customers? Both content and form need to be compelling to win hearts, pinpoint needs and create a competitive edge.

To this end, we align your strengths with your target groups’ wishes and touch points, taking care to be consistent as regards positioning but surprising when it comes to implementation. This allows you to exploit your brand’s full potential in both communicative and economic terms. That’s our creative value proposition – from content management to product presentation.

Content for B2B and B2C

Authenticity in your brand identity is the key to standing out and encouraging customer loyalty. Whether in B2B, B2C, design or long-term brand management, modern marketing communication needs content and staying power. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

That’s why we proceed at your pace, keeping your long-term goals in mind and making strategic use of your resources and budget in the interests of your customers and your company. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that your brand is seen, understood and loved.

Analysis and conception

What values does your brand convey? Which target group has the greatest potential? Which strategy suits your communication goals?

We work out an action plan that covers the big picture and the finer details so you benefit from maximum impact.

  • Analysis
  • Positioning
  • Communication strategy
  • Action plan
  • Wording and text

Visuals and graphic design

Which colours and shapes encapsulate your brand? What visual language does your target group understand? What style does your visual communication reflect?

Whatever the answer, we’ll make sure it looks good right across the board with a unique corporate design.

  • Logo, brand and brand concept
  • Corporate design
  • Corporate publishing
  • Image concept and visual language
  • Visual communication

Marketing and PR

Which touch points do you use to reach your customers? Which form of language is appropriate for each channel? What’s the most efficient way to market your product? What information do your target groups expect?

Whatever we do for you, you can be sure that it will be better and more direct than the normal.

  • Externalised brand management
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Content marketing and social media
  • Media and public relations

Contact us!

Would you like advice on brand, CD, CI, concept, strategy, or content? Or would you like to implement it? We are happy to be there for you - also for a non-binding exchange.

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