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Stephan von Ow
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Why we collect data

AWE Schaffhausen is a marketing and design agency. The collection and management of data is a central part of our daily work - both in the context of our clients' orders and for the marketing of our own services.

The importance of protecting the various types of data is clearly more than a mere necessity for us: data protection is a central element for us in maintaining our own credibility. For this reason, we place extremely high value on careful handling of every form of information that we receive through our daily work.

By agreeing to our cookie consent when entering this website, you agree to - or decline - its use in the following sense. If you decline, no data is collected - the only cookie then is the one you click away for the cookie consent message.

Im Nachfolgenden werden folgende Punkte behandelt:

Erfassung und Handhabung von Daten auf dieser Site

Umgang mit Daten, die uns von unseren Kunden zur Verfügung gestellt werden

What kind of data is collected on this site

In general, no personal or personalizable data is currently collected and/or stored on this site.

However, this site works with different analytics codes from various providers that are integrated via cookie. The respective analytics tags collect parameters such as the pages you previously visited, the content you viewed on this site, how long you spent on each page, and the like. The respective data is collected by the respective providers in anonymized form and does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about you as a person.

Since these are exclusively third-party analysis procedures, we have no direct influence on the collected parameters, nor can we directly view or read out the collected data.

What this data is used for

The collected analysis data is used in the sense of "Big Data": In our case, this means that we read from the data how many people from which target group viewed which content on our site at which point in time. In addition, we determine where the visitors to our site come from - both locally and in terms of their entry to our website (via search, by direct entry, through a link on another page or in one of our social media posts - or from a click campaign).

Based on these and other parameters, we determine which content adds value for our target groups, develop new content and optimize existing content. The background to this is to make our content available to the widest possible target audience by optimizing our site so that the various algorithms recommend our content.

For us, therefore, there is no benefit from linking individuals to specific behavior. Nevertheless, the various analytics tools used create a corresponding history that, although anonymized and not personalizable, still represents an individual profile. This procedure corresponds to the normal behaviors of the various companies that provide analytics tools.

What services are used on this site

The services used on our site come mainly from two heavyweight providers:

From Google, we primarily use the Analytics codes that map the behavior of users on our site. These codes provide us with insights into the use of our site in terms of content viewed and the duration of these views. In addition, this also allows us to determine who has come to our site from any Google campaigns - and what actions have been carried out as a result. This information is then used for so-called re-targeting, on the basis of which any advertisements can be better targeted to your interest.

We also use Google Maps to display our maps on the site, YouTube - which can be used to embed individual video content on our site (recognizable by the corresponding layout for video content) and Google Fonts, which are used to display all text content. Through these services, Google is able to obtain further information on the use of the site - but always in the form of non-personalized data. The data processing for the European Economic Area and for Switzerland is carried out by: Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland.

From Meta (facebook), we primarily use the facebook pixel, which captures visits to our site and provides context to other content visited. With this technology, especially so-called re-targeting campaigns can be better tailored to the interests of our customers. Meta Platforms Ireland Ltd. 4 Grand Canal Square Grand Canal Harbour Dublin 2 Ireland is responsible for the corresponding technical basis.

Our site uses Microsoft Clarity to track user behavior. Movements on the site are recorded and displayed accordingly. However, all critical inputs such as the entry of addresses or names in forms are masked and are not visible. Accordingly, all recordings are completely anonymized and can only be differentiated according to the country of origin of the respective user. The American company Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399, USA, is responsible for the analysis of user data by Microsoft Clarity

For the presentation of video content, we almost exclusively use Vimeo which also collects simple user data (viewing duration, number of viewings). Responsible for the corresponding technical basis is Vimeo LLC, 555 West 18th Street, New York, New York 10011, USA.

For the collection and subscription and unsubscription management of newsletters, we use the services of Mailchimp. This service is also used to manage and store the newsletter addresses we collect. Mailchimp manages the corresponding data in accordance with the requirements, the DSGVO. Responsible for the corresponding technical basis is The Rocket Science Group, LLC, 675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE Suite 5000, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA.

How, where and for how long this data is stored

We do not store the data from the aforementioned services separately. We leave the data with the respective providers - and only store reports on the data as a whole - i.e. on the development of user numbers, on the effectiveness of newsletter distributions and so on.

The profile data, which is compiled by the various providers, is not accessible to us. We only have access to non-personalized data.

For any form of storage of data on our part (for any future or past purposes), we only keep the data stored until the respective purpose is completed. The data will be deleted thereafter.

Responsible for data protection at AWE Schaffhausen GmbH

Stephan von Ow is responsible for data protection at AWE Schaffhausen GmbH. Please send corresponding inquiries or requests to the following address:

Mail contact to data protection officer
Stephan von Ow
Tel.: +41 52 624 90 75

How we handle the data of our customers

Data that we collect on our website is subject to the above conditions.

However, it is also important for us to explain how we handle the data that is made available to us through our cooperation with our customers. We have outlined this below:

What kind of data do we store

In principle, we store all forms of data that are made available to us by our customers. This includes the following sources:

  • Data sent to us by mail
  • Shared data via corresponding services (Dropbox, OneDrive, Sharepoint, FTP, ...)
  • Sending data via data transfer services (WeTransfer, PingPong, ...)
  • Sending download links
  • Sending data on classic data carriers (CD, memory stick, ...)

We store these data customer- and project-related in order to use them within the scope of our work. In the regular case, the data is stored on the cloud service we use. This is the service Dropbox, a cloud service operated by an American company. We create a running local backup of the data hosted accordingly. Thus, the data is always within the aforementioned cloud, additionally in our local backup, which is not accessible from the outside, and furthermore as local data on the computers of our employees who are working on the respective project.

On special request, we offer purely local hosting of the data on our agency-internal hardware, whereby the data remains exclusively on the premises of AWE Schaffhausen GmbH.

Address databases

We use our customers' address databases exclusively for integration into tools such as CRM or mail newsletter tools. These are services that we set up for projects or communication support for our customers. After the data has been entered into the respective tool, we delete the data. This is done for security reasons on the one hand, but also for synchronization reasons on the other.

From the time the data is entered into the respective services, the control over the backup of the data is no longer under our sovereignty, but the responsibility of the respective service.

Image material/video

Image and video material provided to us by our customers is - without further mutual agreement - stored within the cloud service used by us as part of our normal handling of data sent to us.

In cases where we offer our customers media asset management, we additionally back up the respective data in our communication platform "FilePingPong" or "Infotool".

All files remain on these two platforms until either the customer relationship is explicitly terminated - or the customer requests that the data be removed.

3D data

3D data we receive for our work is usually converted into our polygon formats. The original (raw) data then remains in the respective project - while the converted data is adapted and used across projects.

In both cases, the data for this is stored in the cloud service we use.
If there is a need for increased confidentiality or highly sensitive design data, we host the data exclusively on our agency's internal hardware, which is inaccessible from the outside.

The 3D data remains in the cloud service used by us or on our hardware until either the customer relationship is explicitly terminated - or the customer requests the removal of the data.

Deletion of data

If there is an explicit request for deletion of the data, we remove it from the cloud service we use or from our agency-internal hardware. If the data is stored within the cloud service we use, it will be removed from all computers that have worked with the data - furthermore, the data will then no longer be accessible via cloud connection. Furthermore, we also delete the data from our backup of the cloud data.

However, due to the service for backing up the file history of each file saved in the cloud, the data remains in the backup of the service for 360 days after deletion. However, from there the data can be restored exclusively by our admin.

When the data is backed up on the agency's internal hardware, it is immediately eliminated upon request for deletion, after which it can no longer be restored.

The data protection in (long) gdpr-conform way

Please use the german version of this page for the explicit and standardized version of the privacy policy.