Full service for strong branding

Our full-service agency is driven by all-pervading love of people and brands.

Our success stems from a passionate and versatile team of specialists. For over two decades, AWE Schaffhausen has gone from strength to strength and continued to win fans along the way with a combination of total dedication, hard work and enduring creativity.

From SMEs to multinationals

We care about being a dependable partner, and that’s why most of the companies that have played a part in our success story are still on board. Our clients range from small, regional firms to major multinational corporations, and they all have one thing in common: a very close and constructive working relationship with us.

A full-service agency with a personal touch

What began as a one-woman operation in a design studio in Schaffhausen’s old town has grown into an agency that combines branding, design, communication, online and 3D under one roof. But that doesn’t mean our clients have to foot the bill for overblown infrastructure costs. Instead, they benefit from short decision-making pathways and personalised relationship management at all times, resulting in realistic targets and open communication. This is what we expect from ourselves and promise our clients: to write a success story for their brand.

Dedicated consulting with an eye on the big picture

People make brands work. That’s why we attach particular importance to curiosity and empathy, and our agency’s success hinges on a blend of teamwork and individual capabilities. As our client, you experience this through dedicated, transparent consulting, cost and time efficiency, interdisciplinary interaction and pragmatic action plans. We aren’t afraid to take a closer look and pinpoint the challenges and hurdles with an eye on the big picture and of course the budget.

AWE and the water lily

Why did AWE Schaffhausen choose a water lily as its emblem? Does the water lily have a name? Let us explain.

What comes to mind when you think about the water lily? You probably imagine the flower, undoubtedly this plant’s crowning glory. Maybe you think of its beautiful, plate-like leaves.

One part you almost certainly don’t think of is the root system. It remains unseen, hidden below the surface of the water. You might even call it the plant’s infrastructure. The water lily relies on its extensive root stock to produce the masterpiece that is its flower. The roots act like an anchor and also absorbs all the nutrients the plant needs to bloom.

We like to compare them to a company’s organisational structure. To understand a company from the ground up, we carefully analyse its roots. This helps us to create the right “flower”: the brand image, comprising a corporate identity, a corporate design and specific measures to implement them.

The ultimate aim is to ensure that your company can flourish. So, does the water lily have a name? Of course it does: yours!

Office Loft – our creativity incubator 

We’re proud to call Office Loft our home. It’s among the first co-working spaces in the Schaffhausen area, but first and foremost it’s our own. For us, it’s more than just a bright, open-plan office. The atmosphere of the converted industrial building puts us in the right frame of mind to deliver what our clients need.

That’s why we welcome a wide range of creatives to our workplace who already have exciting short-term and long-term projects and want to help their business germinate and grow through collaboration.


The OfficeLoft - more than just a workspace
More freedom