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With the BIZ on time travel through a century of social development

We didn't know that: Women started the Schaffhausen career counseling service! And they did it for girls. More than 100 years ago, in 1921, the prevailing opinion was that investing in girls' education was throwing money out of the window because they would marry anyway and then have a breadwinner. The Schaffhausen women's associations argue against this: "100 years ago, vocational training was not yet a matter of course, even for boys." Around 1919/1920, various vocational counseling centers for girls were established throughout Switzerland.

In Schaffhausen, a similar counseling center for boys followed six years later, and it was not until more than 30 years later that the two institutions were merged.

An anniversary magazine shows 100 years of foresight

We are pleased that career counseling is such a great need. That's why we were given the task of designing the anniversary magazine of BIZ Schaffhausen 100 years after its founding.

Initially, there was to be a cornucopia of festivities to mark this anniversary. But then Corona came along. BIZ Schaffhausen flexibly adapted its measures and decided on an anniversary magazine. Adapting to the market's needs, innovations, and upcoming trends with foresight, that has always been a specialty of the BIZ: job profiles have changed rapidly, as have the training and the tools with which the BIZ works. This becomes clear to us during the 100-year journey through time that we can experience in the design and production of this booklet.

Graphic design to ready for print

Ideas are discussed in brainstorming sessions with the customer, and the publication's content is discussed, divided into sections, and defined on pages, just like the authors, images, and design. The BIS specialists mainly provide us with the texts; we provide them with uniform elements and contribute our design ideas. We managed the project and finally got the anniversary publication ready for printing.

We work with perspective time beams and show in hidden pictures with iconized illustrations what the respective spirit of the age was characterized by. This is described in additional texts. There are spotlights on specific topics, such as the profession of PTT telephone operator, which was very popular with unmarried women - miss - at the beginning of the last century. Or on formative figures in career counseling such as Brigitte Stucki, the first cantonal career counselor in the canton of Schaffhausen from the 1960s to the 1980s. And Walter Bernath, who introduced the Schaffhausen Vocational Information System BISS in the 1990s.

Varied text, vivid graphics

Epochs of career guidance are described and shaped by the corresponding mindset. It is about preparing for life and consequently about social role models, gender roles, class struggle, dealing with crisis years, recession, reforms, and digitalization.

Interviews, testimonials, storytelling

The publication contains interviews, testimonials, achievements, portraits, and today's BIZ team. They vividly tell the BIZ story. And it looks not only to the past but also to the future, in typical BIZ fashion. We design it graphically lively with boxes, stars, circles, and speech bubbles, in future-radiating yellow and intellectual blue as the primary colors. We see the young generation's career dreams and put them into thought clouds.

We are grateful to the women's associations of Schaffhausen that they - farsighted, innovative, pioneering, and deaf to backward-looking forces - created the institution now called BIZ Schaffhausen. It is a good customer for us with exciting projects. Gladly keep it up! Gladly for many more centuries!

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