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Spitäler Schaffhausen: a new concept for the annual report

Please refresh. This was the brief from the public sector company regarding the publication. We used it for a concept revision in terms of design and content. We went to large images, circles, and texts with changing perspectives to address all target groups.

Lasting customer relationship

Spitäler Schaffhausen is one of our clients we implemented several projects. This includes for example a customer magazine, a service brochure, a strategy brochure, and the annual report.

For the latter, Spitäler Schaffhausen wanted a new concept with refreshed content and design based on the existing CD.

Making corporate value tangible

We give the publication a lively, personal, and modern character that is both serious and classic at the same time. The corporate values "connected, committed, friendly, prudent" are tangible in terms of content and visuals.

Editorial design and structured content

Our solution provides a layout characterized by editorial design, i.e. a design that is used for high-quality journals, magazines, and books. We divide the content into three levels we call perspective, focus, and spotlight. The perspective section is at a higher level: it highlights institutional topics with significance for strategy and development. The focus section is characterized by articles that go into detail and specify. The Spotlight, on the other hand, is emotional and personal. It pays tribute to the versatility of the Schaffhausen hospitals and their employees. It shows faces, evokes memories, and shares stories.

Convey complexity in terms of layout, and content

With the layout design, we convey calm and seriousness: large images play with the round shapes of the Schaffhausen hospital logo. The circles symbolize lenses with which the readers of the annual report are guided through the content according to the three levels of perspective, focus, and spotlight. These can also be seen in the images.

The content consists of a lively mix of facts & figures, important news and information, personnel, employee portraits, reportage-like elements, events, partnerships, events on the timeline and background stories, and information on standards and milestones. It is divided into sections in which the three levels are implicitly addressed.

Reaching a diverse target group

Facts and stories are integrated into the context. The length of the individual contributions varies, as does the perspective on them. In this way, the different needs of the heterogeneous target group are taken into account.

Specialists for editorial design

Do you need advice on your redesign? Would you like to have a publication laid out by professionals?

We are happy to help you.

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