From CGI pack shot to virtual 3D studio

The realization of the approximately 20-minute product launch video challenged the AWE 3D team in various disciplines: A highly detailed 3D model, green screen compositing in a virtual studio - and a lot of deep technical knowledge around the physics of liquid measurements.

It was an exciting project that was implemented from storyboard to delivery in two months.

Trip to the greenscreen studio

"The virtual launch of the new Belimo product must be extraordinary". Clear - but still an announcement. This demand led the production and the Belimo Marcom team to the modern green screen studio.

Three different perspectives are implemented in the film, consisting of two portrait shots and one long shot. For the implementation of the still cameras in 3D space, the measurement of the room and the camera positions was sufficient. Trackers and the like were not necessary to implement the setup in 3D.

Detail accuracy down to the minor chip

The close-up of the product at the beginning of the film is very important for the overall effect. This is where the Belimo engineers' love of detail becomes tangible - which is why appropriate attention was paid to the implementation in 3D.

For the precise implementation, the product was wholly disassembled and photographed down to the finest detail. The logic board's layout was entirely re-illustrated to have a perfect image basis for the material mapping. Since the circuit board was only schematically implemented in the design model, everything was also modeled down to the last detail.

The relatively simple exterior of the product was thus transformed into a highly complex constellation that can now be depicted in extreme close-ups with great attention to detail.

Packshot with a 3D view for the invisible

Product is the hero: We considered this in every form with our packshot. Highly detailed materials, a lighting mood inspired by science fiction, organic motion sequences for the set-up, and a cinematic camera movement make the scene appear tangible in the result.

The packshot was the most elaborate scene of the entire film: modeling, materialization, rigging, and animation were implemented with great attention to detail despite the short project duration.

Virtual studio with all options

Der Gesamtlook des Filmes entspricht dem Corporate Mood von Belimo. Das dominierende Orange in Kombination mit sauberen, glatten Betonoberflächen. Grafisch ist alles aufs Minimum reduziert, um möglichst wenig vom Produkt abzulenken.

Ganz im Sinne integrierten Marketings wurde das virtuelle Belimo-Studio so konzipiert, dass sich darin auch weiterführende Elemente für die Produkt-Kommunikation abbilden und «durchführen» lassen. So wird das Studio auch für weitere Touchpoints genutzt, um der Look konsistent über verschiedene Kanäle und Kommunikationsschichten genutzt.

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