It's not falling that makes you stronger, but standing up. This is the motto of our 3D artist.

Salvatore Coco

  • Date of birth: 22.03.1978
  • Special talent: Empathy
  • Favorite food: Älplermakkaronen
  • Favorite song: Sleeping Sun, Nightwish/Tarja Turunen (Version 2010)
  • Favorite place: Guarda (GR)
  • Favorite piece of clothing: Black short-sleeved shirt and jeans
  • Favorite motto: "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." (Walt Disney)
How did you get on board AWE Schaffhausen?

I was in the mood for a new challenge, and then it happened relatively by chance...

What topic could you give a 30-minute presentation on without preparation?

Everything that has to do with 3D, CGI, and VFX.

Where do your personal roots anchor, and how have they influenced your life?

From an early age, I was fascinated by Asian art and culture. However, I would say that karate training, which I have already been practicing for 26 years, has dramatically influenced my life and career. Even today, I have behaviors from the training that are deep inside me. It shows especially in my calm and thoughtful manner. Always keep at it, no matter how many hurdles may come. In the sense of "keep up and move forward," - it's not the falling down that makes you stronger, but the getting up.

What personal attitude are you known for?

As I mentioned before, I'm not a big talker. Walter Elias Disney, my role model, always said, "Quit talking and begin doing". That has become my motto and attitude.

What activity do you thrive on?

When creating 3D worlds and when I can discuss new technologies in the CGI field.

One man - one word. Which one applies best to you?

Words alone are not decisive. The combination of thoughtful speeches and appropriate action is the right way. Think before you say something. Aimless rhetoric and chatter do no one any good.

What does "sustainable creativity" mean to you?

Creating virtual worlds that arouse emotions, stay in the memory for a long time, and give pleasure again and again. Inventions and developments that move society forward in an intelligent way.

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