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Consulting on discreet change communication at Bürgin, Eggli Partner

Our clientele is also subject to change. While we have accompanied them over many years, we sometimes also attend to our customers' transition. For example, the handover of a management team. This is what happened at Bürgi Eggli Partner AG.

Letting the public know as little as possible

This civil engineering and planning company is responsible for several regionally significant projects. Some are prominent and highly visible, like the Rhyfalltower. The public hardly notices the others, like the bridge replacement of the SBB underpass in Neuhausen. There, only short time windows were available for decisive measures. Both projects are top expert achievements. One is obvious, the other is hidden and seems self-evident - which is part of the whole performance: If something had gone wrong, it would have become evident that behind this work, there was an enormous amount of thinking, planning as well as logistics work and expertise. The professionals from Bürgi Eggli Partner let the public notice as little as possible.

Discreet measures: Letters, advertisements, social media posts

We had a similar experience with the communication of the business handover of Bürgi Eggli Partner AG: While many of our other assignments for the engineering company were obvious, our considerations and consultations on the business handover ultimately resulted in very discreet measures: A letter to stakeholders such as customers, business partners, service providers and employees, social media posts and newspaper advertisements. Well thought out, carefully worded, and beautifully designed. Sometimes moderation is the right way to go: The company relies on continuity and therefore wants those affected to feel a change in leadership as little as possible. And to design it as beautifully as possible. Beautiful in form and color with discretion.

Letterhead design: logo as a watermark

Together with the customer, we decided on a future-oriented blue for the stationery and envelope of the letter, with the customer logo as a color-contrasting watermark. Because even if no gaudy measures suit our customer, the message should very much reach its recipients. It had to stand out positively from conventional mail. A white font lent the letter optimism and lightness. All in all, the communication of the business handover appeared distinguished and sophisticated despite the restraint.

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