Animated 3D visuals for injection moulding nozzle systems

The KEBO product is a real heavyweight made of metal. While the injection mould looks like a ponderous block from the outside, the inside of the moulds reveal extremely precisely machined worlds of steel. KEBO supplies customers worldwide with complex moulds based on the injection moulding nozzle systems developed in-house to produce high-precision plastic parts. Typical areas of application are the MedTech and food sectors. KEBO's high-performance moulds excel in speed, accuracy, and the highest achievable cleanliness while maintaining a long service life.

For almost ten years, the Swiss company has entrusted us with its corporate identity design. In addition to print and web graphics, this includes 3D visuals of the products, which do not appear very tangible at first glance. Therefore, we developed a science-fiction-like look that tangibly conveys the "high-tech" theme.

Five proprietary nozzle systems

KEBO creates technologies in the field of injection moulds that are unique on the market. A total of five nozzle systems developed in-house allow maximum yield in minimum space with minimum optical impact - and thus, highly profitable production.

These proprietary developments are central technologies of KEBO and are thus correspondingly crucial in communications. Unfortunately, they are located inside the moulds and are practically invisible from the outside. 3D is, therefore, the best way to make these masterpieces visible.

Five clips, five high-end renderings, numerous applications

We have produced five clips that are now embedded on KEBO's website. And as always, we proceeded according to the "single source multi-use" principle: The effort required to create five 3D scenes is relatively high. However, this is positively offset by the fact that once the scene has been prepared, we can also use it for the background of the trade fair stand, as a visual for a leaflet, and social media posts. Always in the best quality and suitable resolution, this arouses admiration.

Here are the clips for the five nozzle systems:

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