Her favorite stories are about dancing catfish or waving seaweed. But she also likes to tell other stories.

Anja Eigenmann

  • Birthday: one day before Julius Caesar, but well over 2000 years later
  • Unique talent: developing stories and telling them vividly across all channels
  • Favorite food: Veg Thai curry
  • Favorite song: tough call. Maybe Barracuda by Heart?
  • Favorite place: in, on, underwater. Between fish and seaweed
  • Favorite piece of clothing: a jumpsuit. Impractical but uncomplicated.
  • Favorite motto: "You're more likely to regret what you didn't do than what you did."
Wie bist du an Bord von AWE Schaffhausen gelangt?

My sister was invited for an interview at AWE but kept repeating that "her sister Anja" would fit the job profile much better. Andrea and Stephan believed that, and I convinced them with my texts and a concept presentation. The chemistry was right from the start. And also the humor.

What topic could you give a 30-minute presentation on without preparation?

About diving. I would advise against bringing up the subject with me. It's probably incomprehensible to non-divers how someone can rave so much about waving seaweed, dancing catfish, and glass shrimp. And how anyone can think the 4-grain water and darkness of Swiss lakes at 40 meters depth is great.

If you were a brand, what would it be and why?

I personally like Neustark very much. It's an ETH spin-off that develops systems for reusing recycled concrete. It's smart, climate-friendly, sustainable, innovative, and well-thought-out, and the brand name makes you think.

What personal attitudes are you known for?

For integrity as well as seriousness at work. And for a good sense of humor.

One woman - one word. Which one applies best to you?


What does "sustainable creativity" mean to you?

Focus on strategies that not only look good but also work and are successful in the long term; that combine different requirements accordingly and are carefully thought through. In other words, as 360 degrees as possible.