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No tunnel vision

AWE is known to have a passion for projects with profundity, especially for tunnels. After the mandate as a communication and information specialist in the Galgenbuck tunnel construction project, the renovation of the Kerenzerberg tunnel is the second project where we have the opportunity to accompany communication for the Federal Roads Office FEDRO.

Not a simple project. By its complexity in measures, topics, and stakeholders, the communication work is indeed anything but tunnel vision - and even for experienced tunnel professionals like us, it is both exciting and demanding in equal measure.

Complexity requires communication

The tunnel construction project on the shore of the Walensee, which will last from 2020 to probably 2026, comprises two main measures. In the first phase, a new safety tunnel construction will be realized. In the second phase, the approximately 5,700-meter-long road tunnel will be brought up to the latest construction and safety standards. The tunnel has been in operation for about 30 years.

The necessary construction sites on and in the Kerenzerberg thus entail a particular need for explanation and communication - which residents, authorities, the media, road users, and the interested public would like to have covered. This demand is met by an information pavilion on the main construction site in the form of a comprehensive exhibition.

Insights into a major construction site

Visiting the Kerenzerberg Tunnel's construction sites is impossible for safety reasons. The information pavilion, therefore, provides interested groups of people with a permanent, detailed exhibition in which experienced specialists offer insights into the comprehensive and complex project. 

We have been commissioned to develop a detailed concept for this information pavilion with an integrated presentation room. Visitor guidance, design and layout, technical equipment, and the development of all content - text, images, visualization, presentation - and coordination of the implementation were components of the assignment.

Information meets design

The result is an exhibition space that focuses on substantial reduction, modern technology, and exciting content, making the challenges and scope of the project tangible. Here, information meets design. The exhibition shows the entire project, from the technical and geological challenges of the safety tunnel to be built to the reconstruction of the road tunnel. It displays the interconnections of relevant framework topics. In addition, the numerous steps and work required for successfully operating a tunnel construction project of this size are presented understandably.

Experience milestones

The Info Pavilion opened in March 2022. Since then, the number of registrations has risen continuously - reflecting a great interest and a high level of visitor satisfaction. The goal of giving insights into very technical content to a heterogeneous target audience has thus been achieved. Nevertheless, the communication task is not complete; it has just begun. There are still many milestones waiting to be experienced.

Further information on the information pavilion can be found on the project website for the reconstruction of the Kerenzerberg Tunnel of the Federal Roads Office FEDRO: (in German)

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