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Communication for the public sector

An infrastructure project such as the Galgenbuck Tunnel's construction promises future relief for some people. For others, it is associated with many inconveniences. Therefore, transparent, factual, forward-looking, and timely stakeholder information is imperative on behalf of the public sector.

The project and its necessity should be explained in detail. This helps to ensure that it can count on a necessary level of acceptance and that the population's trust is built up.

The Galgenbuck Tunnel fulfills an essential function for residents. It relieves the community of Neuhausen of traffic and ensures the Schaffhausen South freeway connection.

It is a project of ASTRA, the Federal Roads Office. From 2016 until the opening, we were responsible for stakeholder communication and managed various communication projects.

Information pavilion: Facts conveyed with creativity

Creativity was required for the on-site information pavilion. With enthusiasm, we developed a concept and implemented the measures. We printed the entire floor with an aerial view of the situation on-site. For those interested, we produced detailed plans in the form of roller blinds that could be pulled down from the ceiling as needed.

On screens, we showed impressions of the construction site, high-quality, impressive, and emotional images. We illustrated the pavilion's walls with infographics, explanations, and pictures of the project milestones. Those who preferred to listen rather than read could have presentations by so-called "bear guides".

Masses of storytelling material

How should we describe it: As a work of a century? A piece of generations? This is clear: It took almost half a century for the Galgenbuck Tunnel to be included in the structure plan before it was opened. This and the construction time of 2940 days indicate that there are many unexpected things to discover in such a project and many exciting stories to tell.

Communication with enthusiasm

1138 meters of tunnel length, of which only 77 meters were cut by surface mining; the rest by blasting with almost 1000 blasting charges of 125 to 175 kg; a mere 6 meters distance to the Deutsche Bahn rail tunnel. These facts inspired us to creative yet fact-based communication throughout the accompaniment of this project, from 2016 until the opening on St. Nicholas Day 2019. Our goal: that our fascination triggers interest among those concerned. And that it triggers perhaps even enthusiasm.

We designed signage and directions, info points, the elements in an info pavilion, an info stele, information, and announcements, particularly those for the population's opening day and the opening event for stakeholders. That included media such as websites, newsletters, invitation cards, posters, display advertising, a book, residents' information, and newspapers... A whole plethora of different measures. We demonstrated our communication expertise and creative skills as a creative agency and as problem solvers.

Accuracy in the public relations

In addition, there was also public relations work to be done, where absolute precision and reliability were paramount; confidence-building communication and information shaping in the service of the public sector: the maintenance of the website, the organization of media events, the electronic newsletter, the management of photo documentation and visitors in the information pavilion, the writing of media releases and approximately quarterly project information. The latter described the project's progress, i.e., completed and important upcoming work.

Time-lapse clip

Time and again, there was room for playful and emotional elements in the communication: During the entire construction period, a permanently installed camera documented the construction progress. It not only showed how the construction site changed. It also documented the passing of the seasons, how snow falls and melts, how the lens gets wet when it rains, how the grass grows, turns yellow, and is cut, and how cars always park in the same place - or not.

Timeliness in informing residents

Residents are essential stakeholders in such projects because specific necessary work entails restrictions and inconveniences. They need to be informed sufficiently in advance to organize themselves. We wrote and designed the residents' information and took care of its distribution by bicycle courier.

Opening ceremony: festive mood and souvenirs

A creative treat for us was the opening ceremony. It consisted of two parts: A party to celebrate the success, to thank and to conclude the project for all those involved, as well as an open day for the population. We had great fun with the invitation card: We designed it in the form of a lenticular card, i.e., a "wiggle picture" showing the surroundings before and after the construction of the Galgenbuck Tunnel.

We also added a lenticular effect to the information pillar in Neuhausen. During the project, it was documented at which milestone the Galgenbuck tunnel construction project was currently located. The wiggle picture in oversize format also documented the completion: The open day for the public.

Lenticular effect: Before the start of work and after completion of the project

Open day: On foot through the tunnel

The population was invited to the opening day. Many took the opportunity for an activity with historic dimensions: walking the tunnel. When would this be possible again? The children who walked the tunnel will tell their grandchildren about it.

Construction site book as a thank-you gift

We always enjoy designing books. The book on the construction of the Galgenbuck Tunnel was something special for us because we could review our journey through this generational project through the pictures. The book, designed as a flat book without a fold, was presented to project participants as an appreciation and thank-you gift during the tunnel opening ceremony.

Persistent tunnel vision

In the communications project concerning the construction of the Galgenbuck Tunnel, we learned a lot about tunnel and road construction. We are fascinated by the achievements of engineers and builders - and have gained a positive tunnel view.

Communication specialists

In the communication about the Galgenbuck Tunnel's construction, we showed our sensitivity to communicating delicate topics. Do you have a complex issue that you need to communicate to a large number of different stakeholders? We would be happy to work out a concept for you and implement measures to enable you to reach all the important contacts in the right tone. Please don't hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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