Timeless architecture - timeless design

idA Bührer Wuest Architekten deliberately opted for timeless design in their "Rootacker" project in Stetten, Canton Schaffhausen. AWE Schaffhausen successfully brought the exciting project to the market with real estate marketing.

Bringing conviction convincingly to the point

Since 2021, the three apartment buildings of the "Rootacker" development have blended elegantly into the landscape. The "Rootacker" project is a matter of the heart. The concept and planning are the work of architect Stephan Bührer. His conviction for a healthy and moderate use of landscape and natural resources takes shape in modern architecture. Our task was to bring out these values in the marketing - with appropriate design, texts, language, and measures.

Valuable design for substantial communication

Warm colors, natural materials, and a well-thought-out floor plan concept are developed together with the residents at Rootacker. At the same time, these specifications became the guideline for a unique brand identity: The topographical contour lines of the landscape are incorporated as a supporting element in the logo, and light and space take shape in the design and layout. This gives the content for the website and sales brochures a strong basis and, at the same time, a light atmosphere. The variety of styles and materials and the architects' enthusiasm are reflected in images and text. In other words, a world of first-class home ownership with tangible added value has already been conveyed in the design of the building brochure. Through joy and profit for all involved, the building site and landscape are paid due respect.

Action planning: quality plus empathy

We thank idA Bührer Wuest Architekten and Graf & Partner Immobilien AG for their trust and determination to convince uniquely and authentically. Because substantial projects, products, and ideas need space and empathy to unfold and have an effect. This is how integrated communication works. Therefore, as an agency, you have the task - according to the target groups - to translate and visualize the existing content comprehensibly. Suitable for all communication channels. Apt for brain and heart. This is how economic and communicative success grows.

...and space turns into relevance.

"Quality of life is our highest and most sustainable asset. The "Rootacker" superstructure reflects stability, well-being and quality of life in form and content. Based on our philosophy, AWE Schaffhausen has turned history into the future, managing to refreshingly unite sustainable building culture and individual living environments and translate them into a uniquely beautiful language."

Stephan Bührer

idA Bührer Wuest Architects

Creativity for design, marketing and communication
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