Mai 2022

Marketing communication builds on a pioneering spirit

A fresh breeze, new life, and an eventful time are in store for the time-honored, traditional industrial and commercial site of the former Jezler silver factory in the heart of Schaffhausen's old town. We have been commissioned to highlight the uniqueness of the "Silberhof" real estate project through CI, CD, and a cross-media marketing concept.

Our long-standing cooperation with Graf & Partner Immobilien AG is a guarantee for impact and success.

Real estate project for sustainable urban development

Beat Odinga, the owner of Odinga Ventures, recognized the unique potential of the 1,200m2 inner-city site, which has been disused since 2018. In collaboration with the team of architects from Dost Architektur GmbH, a contemporary revitalization of the neighborhood has been carefully planned as part of sustainable urban development and needs-oriented residential quality.

With a sustainable co-ownership model, the best of ownership, rent, and cooperative are combined, grey energy is recycled, urban space is carefully upgraded, and the "sharing economy" is emphasized.

This unique starting position also required a unique, cross-media overall concept from us.

Branding, content, integrated communications

The developer's vision is to be communicated via marketing of Silberhof's residential units. The eventful history of the area forms the basis for the multi-layered development of the location and, at the same time, offers "room for maneuver" for the individual needs of the heterogeneous target groups. What is needed here is substantial real estate marketing and an aesthetically appealing brand character with a unique identity. Content, among other things, in the form of storytelling, forms an integral part of the integrated marketing concept.

This is to be accompanied by clear, high-quality language in a narrative style - from the creative conception and action planning on the whole to the detailed brand design and content management. This way, AWE worked closely with the project's core team to create the framework for effective cross-channel marketing communications. An integrated, comprehensive, and cleverly thought-out interplay of website, brochure, construction board, sales documentation, social media posts, PR contributions, and other online and offline measures. Sustainable urban development was thus made visible and tangible.

Website becomes a bulletin board

On the one hand, the website accurately conveys the location of individual apartments within the development, their materialization, and their future appearance. On the other hand, it refers to the history of the site and the former silver manufactory. The innovative co-ownership model is explained as well as the philosophy behind the architecture and the specificity of the location. In a blog, stories about the Silberhof are told about the neighbors and the surroundings.

What is unique about the website is that once Silberhof is inhabited and the apartments are occupied, it will function as a "bulletin board" or forum and marketplace for its residents if everything goes according to the plans.

Brochure: Unity of form and content

The brochure is a 76-page compendium of quality paper with a shiny silver logo. Like the client in the construction project, we attach great importance to high-quality material and artistry in our measures - entirely in line with the target audience's needs: large images, a classic, appealing layout, logical, clear structure, and a flattering feel of the paper.

Specialists for overall concepts

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