ane, 01. November 2022

Learning through storytelling

I think it's fantastic what I learn as part of my job! The variety of topics brings with it a diversity of learning content. On the one hand, there are technical aspects. For example, on injection molding technology through our customer KEBO or on tunnel construction machines through FEDRO. Or urban planning and philosophical aspects, as in the case of Silberhof.

Inclusion is economical

Recently, however, I learned much about living together and an open society from Claudine-Sachi Münger. She is the founder and managing director of Tanne Schaffhausen. And she proves with this business that inclusion is economical. That was also her goal when she wrote a concept for the use of the property, which the previous owner had bequeathed to the city of Schaffhausen in her will. The "Heroes," as she affectionately calls her employees, have a handicap. But at Tanne Schaffhausen, they work in the traditional first job market and are paid a wage commensurate with their contribution. They receive some support from supportive professionals. And the calculation works out.

"It is a pity that in our meritocracy the potential of all people is not used. Everyone should be seen as a valuable member of our society."

Everybody has a handicap

At the beginning is Claudine-Sachi Münger's relationship with her cousin with Down syndrome. "From her example, I understood that there is no such thing as equal opportunity. It is a pity that in our meritocracy, the potential of all people is not used. Everyone should be considered a valuable member of our society." And she teaches me that everyone has a handicap: "For everything, there is a prejudice." That's right! Young people don't have a clue, older people don't have a clue either - or not about how things work today, fat people are considered licentious, thin people are considered lust-phobic - and wasn't there something about Manta drivers in the past?

Invest in relationships

Claudine-Sachi Münger teaches me what an open society would look like: "Inclusion is the key to everything. Every person has their perspective, and it must be heard. There needs to be openness and freedom from values in our dealings. Things need to be addressed and reflected upon. That's an important investment because it creates real relationships." Wow! Thank you, I learned something! And I will subsequently make an effort not to devalue things that don't sit well with me immediately. Instead, I will listen carefully and put myself in the other person's shoes.

You can find the whole interview with Claudine-Sachi Münger in the Silber-Hofnews (German only).

And here is the Tanne-Website (German only).

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