18. July 2022

1999-2019: Back to our Future

We look back joyfully and take a run-up for the next 20 years! The starting point of the journey: 1999. A small, fine one-woman show in a design studio in the middle of the beautiful old town of Schaffhausen - whose success continues to this day. And this shows once again that creativity, human leadership, loyalty, and customer orientation always pay off. Sustainably.

Customer successes make agency history

The journey of AWE Schaffhausen led to countless adventures in still undiscovered worlds of brands, markets, and media. Always with the goal: By and for people. And that should be felt. "Because positive emotions and satisfied customers also represent the most beautiful milestones in the history of the AWE agency," said Andrea Werthmüller, one-woman-show in persona, happy owner, and at the same time namesake of AWE Schaffhausen. During her speech, she was nevertheless not sure whether to laugh or cry with joy. In any case, the backpack full of pride suited her perfectly that evening.

For the eye, heart and mind

On September 9, 2019, the event celebrated particularly all the beautiful customer and brand stories created for the eye and the heart over the past 20 years. And, at the same time, toasted to a creatively colored future. From emotional, tear-jerking speeches and legendary VIP pin wall in the walk-in guestbook to virtual gimmicks and tidbits and all-analog face-to-face morsels. Everything was there—food and inspiration for the eye, heart, and mind.

Fortunately - but not a matter of luck

"Because we can't do anything else. Fortunately. Because for us, work means, first and foremost, remaining true to ourselves and taking pleasure in it and our customers' success. That's why we're not salespeople or hipster advertisers. We are passionate doers. And that won't change in the digital age. Quite the contrary. It's becoming increasingly important to get the focus right and to complement it with empathy and expertise," said Andrea Werthmüller to her audience - who, shortly after rapturous applause, discovered the culinary milestones of the evening for themselves.

Full speed ahead... and thank you very much!

"The anniversary year is rapidly and no less brilliantly coming to an end and will soon open another 20 years full of inspiring and transpiring projects. For people who put their precious trust in us and join us again and again on a multidimensional journey through time and space. Most of them with a return ticket. A large part with subscription... Many thanks for every laugh, every success, every constructive kick and every fruitful fight. This enables us - although we are already "big" with 20 years - to grow day by day. As a company, as a team, as people. Creatively, digitally, virtually. And always: from the core to the blossom! Our motto, for everything that is yet to come. We are looking forward to it."

Andrea Werthmüller and Stephan von Ow

Our memory album including a walk-in guestbook can be found at the following link: https://awe2019.ch

"Your Future hasn‘t been written yet. No one‘s has. Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one."

Dr. Emmett Brown
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