ane | jeg, 20. April 2003

Brochure for semi-privately and privately insured persons

Spitäler Schaffhausen is one of our clients and repeatedly turns to us for design and communication assignments; in addition to typical business printed matter such as annual reports and brochures, the graphic work also includes editorial design. In this case, it was a matter of designing, editing and supplementing the text of a brochure for privately and semi-privately insured persons.

Distinguished design and sophisticated language

We were looking for a concept and a design idea. Naturally, it had to be classy and of high quality. Not only the feel of the paper should support this appearance, but also a distinguished design and a chosen language that should nevertheless be sympathetic and welcoming.

The essentials in a few words

We opted for a strong, elegant paper, an exclusive landscape format and a generous layout with lots of white space. Photo shoots were carried out at the hospital, and we trimmed the color scheme to a clean and clear look. We systematized the brochure with clear headings and descriptive titles to make it easy to find your way around, and edited and supplemented the raw text to get the essentials across in a few concise words. The benefits of private and semi-private insurance can be experienced in the images and text. The title page is in elegant burgundy to support the elegant appearance.

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