svo, 08. August 2022

Agency and co-working or "solo working" after all?

With the notice from the former landlord that we would have to leave our old location due to a complete renovation, a weighty question arose: Keep the "office" concept - or think differently?

We decided on more togetherness, exchange, and synergies and opened our co-working space.

Has co-working also arrived in the quieter peripheral regions?

Yes and no. There are indications that co-working has not yet fully arrived in our region: On the one hand, the first few have stopped their ventures again. In addition, the typical co-workers are probably predominantly at home in urban areas, where a corresponding culture can be better established. What's more, rents for smart offices in our region have not yet skyrocketed as in larger cities. And yet, in our view, there is a growing interest in fixed, calculable costs for office space.

Why share an office anyway, if it could be "easier"?

Thanks to fortunate circumstances...

... and also because we fell in love with this environment during the flourishing industrial era. Our 260 square meters of space seemed a bit too big for a team of 4-5 employees at that time. So the idea for a co-working space was born from our thoughts and input from outside.

And exactly here lies the difference to other similar offers - one could perhaps also say the key: We do not act "out of necessity". The OfficeLoft concept works with - but also without additional tenants. It is not a business that is supposed to make a profit but a creative concept. And so we address a clearly defined target group with our offer: The OfficeLoft is the right place for creative minds who, on the one hand, are looking for an environment that offers space for creative work - but who, on the other hand, are also interested in "in-house networking."

And as an agency, we benefit from being able to call on freelancers right next to our desks for help and to maintain a close exchange. At the same time, freelancers benefit from occasional collaborations and interactions with each other and us. Therefore, quasi a win-win-win.

Our co-working space is always busy and close to the train station, and the old town of Schaffhausen are positive side effects.

The OfficeLoft - space for creative people in Schaffhausen

Are you interested in our co-working concept? We have the right place for everyone who values design and creativity. From copywriters to graphic designers and developers to people who need space to make concepts and ideas fly.

Information about working in the OfficeLoft can be found at

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