In der Wärme und am Meer blüht unsere Office Managerin richtig auf.

Antonia Trollius

  • Date of birth: A sunny Saturday in May
  • Unique talent: Pattern design
  • Favorite food: Sushi, saffron, and vanilla
  • Favorite places: London, Lisbon, and Copenhagen
  • Favorite color: Sea blue
  • Favorite movies: Darjeeling Express by Wes Anderson and Ocean's 11-13 by Steven Soderbergh
  • Heart's desire: Raising awareness for a sustainable lifestyle
What inspires you?

Inventions, architecture, fashion, sports, letter writing, and designing. I used to have 30 pen pals all over the world. Of these, three have remained to this day.

In which environment do you feel comfortable?

Where it is warm and by the sea.

What's your dream?

Working from anywhere, like a "digital nomad". But it doesn't always have to be digital.

Which piece of clothing would you not want to do without?

I have to decide what I wear each morning when I look in my closet. It depends on my mood.

How did you join AWE Schaffhausen?

They were looking for an office manager for the team. I applied even though I didn't quite fit the classic profile. One morning I woke up thinking: I have to go there. So I gathered up my courage and did so. Andrea and Stephan spontaneously took the time, which was an instant fit. I find it so meaningful to support this great team while I'm also an illustrator in my leisure time.

How would you describe your life so far?

As colorful and varied. I originally studied cultural studies and English with a focus on storytelling. Later I worked in the music industry and film.

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