Second-hand shops and goulash are among the passions of our graphic designer.

Jelena Germann

  • Birthday: 21.10.1999
  • Unique talent: Creative solution finding through analysis and goal setting
  • Favorite food: Goulash soup
  • Favorite music: Postpunk to disco, indie rock... all kinds of sounds
  • Favorite story: Berserk, a manga for which new chapters were published from the '80s to 2022
  • Favorite color: Purple, where you don't know if it's purple or blue
  • Favorite activities: Knitting, crocheting, visiting brocades, going to museums and concerts, and spending time with flatmates and colleagues.
What do you think is essential in life?

Set yourself up, so you are generally happy and surround yourself with fun things. That doesn't have to be so spectacular.

What would you take to a desert island?

My cat and knitting stuff.

Which person has had a strong influence on you in your life?

My tenth-grade teacher. She was a graphic designer and always told me I was a super graphic designer, too. That put this job on my focus. I could imagine doing other things, though. But being a designer is more than just a bread-and-butter job for me.

Who's your role model?

My mother. Because she does everything with all her heart and is entirely there for people, I want to be like that too.

What's your dream?

A cottage in nature with lots of animals and plenty of time for creative projects.

How would you describe your life so far?

One step at a time.